Writing With Scissors

Because someone emailed and asked, I’m re-upping these pics.

Here’s how I explained myself:

After 30 years and all sorts of apps and WordPerfect and Word and Scrivener and digital whiteboards and whatnot and so on, I STILL revert to printing things out and cutting things up. I just can’t “see” the work as a whole when I look at a screen. I cannot recommend this method, but it is the only thing that works for me. There’s something about the physical nature of it. I say it’s like playing a game of desperate literary solitaire. By moving around and through the work I happen upon fresh threads and connections I miss when I scroll. I see shapes rather than endlessly scrolling rough drafts. Is the the “best” way? Nope. Is it the “best” way for me? Apparently.

In fairness to me, this process has yielded up a book or two.

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