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Truck Photos

Somewhere along the line because of Truck: A Love Story folks started sending me photos of old trucks, which is nice, because I like pictures of old trucks. A while ago I started to gather all those pics in a file with the intent of gathering them up and publishing them on the web. That was…View post

Tucson Book Festival Wrap-Up

This is a lovely summary of the remarkable Tucson Festival of Books, and I’m not just saying that because there are pictures of me. It’s because there are pictures and text about me and my latest book, Roughneck Grace. Credit and thanks to Nan Sanders Pokerwinski.

How To Get Kicked Out of the Hotel

MANITOWOC TONIGHT. Cedarburg tomorrow. Check Events page. Photo is posted with my thanks to Tucson Festival of Books for housing me in a hotel above my pay grade, with a river running through it. Next time I bring my bowfishing rig, because what you have here is self-serve sushi situation.