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Autographing Big Boy’s Big Rig Pre-Orders

Thank you for all the pre-orders of Big Boy’s Big Rig. This is a fraction of the ones I’m signing this morning. They’ll be shipping in the next couple of days. Thank you! Get your paper copy here, get the Kindle version here, and all other eBook versions (including Apple Books, Kobo, Overdrive and more)…View post

Bathroom Bon

Moment of contemplation in a local restroom when I look up and see this. Had passed from memory. It was SO COLD that night. As my intro ended the velvet curtain swung open, releasing a giant block of cold air trapped backstage. It washed over the audience as the band launched into “Lump Sum,” and the…View post

Thank You Because This Is How We Do It

I can write about autumnal leaves or the harvest of squash and pumpkins stacked down there in the shed or all our canned tomatoes, and I can write about art and song and literature, but also at the end of the day one of our little family businesses is me trying to sell things I…View post