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If You Got Ten Minutes, Sleep

  Sitting in the woods most of this week, so here’s a throwback backstage photo of what you do when you’re over 50 and got ten minutes before the show starts. (It’s not just being over 50. Twenty-some years ago a country music roadie gave me advice for the touring life: “When you see food,…View post

My Eyebrow(s) on Morning Blend

Can never bear to watch myself in these things, so I hope it’s a good one, but I always have a great time on The Morning Blend. Molly and Tiffany appear to be powered by espresso shots, vitamins, and high-octane sunshine, whereas I always feel like I’ve got chicken poop on my boot (in fact…View post

Marriage and the Montaigne Book

During a recent interview with a women’s magazine, a traveling writer was asked if there was anything special he did for his wife when he was away from home, and I replied, Yes, I don’t call her and tell her how to run things. – Montaigne in Barn Boots, p. 134