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This One’s Gonna Be Fun But We Gotta Get the Word Out

Hey folks, first things first, and I’ll lay it right out there: On Saturday, August 20, we’re subbing in up at the Lake Superior Big Top Chautauqua for a much bigger name that had to cancel…as a result, this show isn’t listed in the brochure or any advance materials, meaning we gotta hustle extra hard…View post

Long Beds in Mt. Horeb and Shell Lake

Mt. Horeb Wednesday, Shell Lake Friday. New guitar (RIP, International Harvester Larivee), new gig bag, Waylon had to cancel. Details on events page. Also, new book “Hunker” available pretty much everywhere now.

Crazed Cardinal

For those of you following along the cardinal has now gone full Hitchcock. Attacking multiple windows, including our vehicles. And apparently eating lotsa berries. Feeling differently about him now than I was when I wrote about him in┬áHunker: The cardinal appeared in the winter-stripped bush outside our window this morning with all the subtlety of…View post