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Once More About Our Mailing List

We enjoy (and benefit from) communicating with readers and listeners via Facebook and other social media outlets, but every now and then they tweak an algorithm or change the rules behind the scenes and we are reminded there is no better way to stay in touch than by good old fashioned mailing list, so if…View post

Respectfully Offered

I originally posted the material below in 2016. I began a list of all the reasons I’m reposting it now, then deleted the list because it expands itself daily, people I respect are saying it better than I, and I think the first version still pretty much covers it. In my travels I have made…View post

This Week’s Tent Show Radio: John Prine

Check out Mike hosting Tent Show Radio (Twitter: @tentshowradio). This week’s show featured John Prine (Facebook: @JohnPrine) (Twitter: @JohnPrineMusic) in episode 20-16. Stream it now here. Tent show Radio is broadcast each week on these fine independent stations.  Some stations offer “Live Air” streams which you can find more information on their websites listed below. ALASKA…View post