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This Week’s Tent Show Radio: Ani DiFranco

Check out Mike (Twitter: @SneezingCow) hosting Tent Show Radio (Twitter: @tentshowradio). This week on Tent Show Radio, savor a transportive hour of soulful rock and roll and the boundary-pushing music of Grammy award winning singer-songwriter Ani DiFranco (Twitter: @anidifranco), recorded live at Big Top in August 2021. Michael Perry shares humorors stories throughout on the…View post

This One’s Gonna Be Fun But We Gotta Get the Word Out

Hey folks, first things first, and I’ll lay it right out there: On Saturday, August 20, we’re subbing in up at the Lake Superior Big Top Chautauqua for a much bigger name that had to cancel…as a result, this show isn’t listed in the brochure or any advance materials, meaning we gotta hustle extra hard…View post

Welcome to Sneezing Cow

Howdy folks, if you’re looking for the new book Hunker, it’s here. Also available at your local independent bookstore…they will probably have to order it but let them know it’s available through Ingram, and they’ll know what to do. All the other books are here. Info on Mike’s weekly “Voice Mail” is right here. This has…View post

Arcadia Books is selling “Hunker”

Independent bookstores (and their hand-selling) are a writer’s best friend and a reader’s best helper. A big thank you to Arcadia Books, who ordered up some Hunkers from us and put them on display in their beautiful store. If you’re in the area, drop in and grab a copy from them at 102 E Jefferson…View post