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This One’s Gonna Be Fun But We Gotta Get the Word Out

Hey folks, first things first, and I’ll lay it right out there: On Saturday, August 20, we’re subbing in up at the Lake Superior Big Top Chautauqua for a much bigger name that had to cancel…as a result, this show isn’t listed in the brochure or any advance materials, meaning we gotta hustle extra hard…View post

Michael Perry and the Long Beds with Greg Gilbertson

The Long Beds will be heading north on Friday August 5th to the Potter’s Shed in Shell Lake, WI, to play some thumpers, some soft ones, a few fresh ones, and deliver some hilarity and tall tales in between. Plus Mike will be signing his new book, Hunker. The Potter’s Shed is a one-of-a-kind venue–we’ve…View post

Another Van Ride In The Books

Another Long Beds cheeseheaded (SO MUCH CHEESE) 3-day mini-tour in the books. As ever, thank yous all around to the folks who gave of their time to join us, to the volunteers and lifters and haulers and techs and organizers and workers who make our part easy, giving us more time to take ourselves and…View post