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Watch Long Beds Live “30 Minute Music Hour” Raw Footage

Full video of the Long Beds “30 Minute Music Hour” live recording session. It’ll be remixed for broadcast in 2019, but this raw feed version is available right here, right now. I hope you like the songs, but above all I hope you see how much we enjoy sharing the stage. Thank you to the…View post

Calling all Bedheads: Mike and the band live in WPT studios Dec. 8th

Michael Perry & the Long Beds will record Wisconsin Public Television’s “30-Minute Music Hour” live in the Madison studios on Dec. 8th. The show won’t air until 2019, but if you would like to attend the live performance, please send an email ASAP to [email protected] The producers will reply with your confirmation. Attendance is free and open to…View post

Viroqua Tonight, Minneapolis Tomorrow

Contents, left front jeans pocket this morning. Much fun strumming at Pablo Center at the Confluence last night. Thank you to everyone (SOLD OUT!) who took the time to join us, thank you to all the staff, and thank you to the Long Beds who have my back in every sense. Viroqua Masonic Center tonight…View post