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Open Air Get Together

Thank you Pamela Klinger-Horn and Valley Bookseller for a great stage, great sound, and great company. Hearing the origin stories of other authors and their work is always energizing and encouraging. Heartening to spend time with writers and readers someplace other than Zoom.

Grandpa Said Go Write

Man on the left lived part of his childhood in a railroad boxcar. Spent time dug into the sands of Iwo Jima, witnessed the worst of it. Wound up introducing the Presto pressure cooker to the world, at least once via a single engine plane landed in a Central America cattle pasture. Politely declined his…View post

Today’s Minutiae

This was fun: I wrote about Wikipedia and Wikipedia wrote about me (scroll down to “The article on Michael Perry falsely said that he is a pig farmer”). A cataract surgeon writes about the Montaigne podcast I did with Sean Murray. (Listen to the podcast episode here.) Been a while (if ever?) since I’ve ever had…View post

Set to Ship

Signed, stacked, and set to ship. Burned through some Sharpies. Thank you. We’re still taking orders. Not being an international conglomerate, Monday’s pretty much the last day we can guarantee delivery by Christmas although feel free to take yer chances…since the crew’s all local, sometimes we can expedite. A big thank you to the crew…View post

Signed Copies of the New One

Peaceful Persistence is available all over the place (including your local indie). Copies ordered directly from Sneezing Cow are signed by Mike (as are all of Mike’s titles)…and we’re happy to report we just had to sign a bunch more boxes. “A bunch more boxes”…isn’t that fun to say? Also a big thank you to…View post