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Tayari Jones Speaking Writing Truths

NOTE: Just as I was finishing this post this morning, I got called away to pull someone out of the ditch with that truck right up there. Let’s hear it for old-school four-wheel-drives and a good tow strap. Upon my return I learned that Tayari got some huge news. Heartfelt clodhopper congratulations from frozen Wisconsin,…View post

Male Nurses

Lots of people sending me this link today. First thing I saw when I walked into the men’s locker room at the school of nursing in 1984 was a line of graffiti scrawled beside the toilet: MALE NURSES ARE HOMOS. Didn’t really bother me. I had just spent the summer working as a cowboy in Wyoming,…View post

Book Tour Thank Yous

A day off the road in a hotel room is a glorious thing in the middle of a self-propelled book tour, although these door-hangers make me unreasonably grumpy: Nope. I’m doing laundry, writing three different pieces on deadline, balancing the checkbook from afar, scheduling a colonoscopy (!), sorting the box of bills I brought from…View post