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Male Nurses

Lots of people sending me this link today. First thing I saw when I walked into the men’s locker room at the school of nursing in 1984 was a line of graffiti scrawled beside the toilet: MALE NURSES ARE HOMOS. Didn’t really bother me. I had just spent the summer working as a cowboy in Wyoming,…View post

Book Tour Thank Yous

A day off the road in a hotel room is a glorious thing in the middle of a self-propelled book tour, although these door-hangers make me unreasonably grumpy: Nope. I’m doing laundry, writing three different pieces on deadline, balancing the checkbook from afar, scheduling a colonoscopy (!), sorting the box of bills I brought from…View post

Dreading Driverless Cars

Lotsa book tour miles in the next three months, so I recorded this about driverless cars, teaching our daughter to drive a stick shift, and why chicken tractors are more my speed. This piece is also in “Roughneck Grace.” I do these now and then. To be notified when a new one goes up, please subscribe…View post

Taking the Hustle on the Road

The hustle. The side-hustle. Van’s all set to go. Long Beds (with Mike sharing stories from the new book) at the Mabel Tainter Theatre in Menomonie this Thursday and The Mineral Point Opera House Friday. Mike solo running his yapper at the Coppertop Theater in Richland Center Saturday, and at the Edgerton Book Festival brunch Sunday.