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It Wasn’t Me

That moment on book tour when you’re on your way to a county jail to discuss reading, writing, and self-employment with a group of men behind bars and this sign is posted 300 yards from the front door. They had some questions… Thank you to the literacy volunteers, county staff, and law enforcement crew who…View post

Library Thank You

Mom faithfully trucked us to and from the Chetek library. I met my wife in the Fall Creek library. And one day back in the late 1980s when I realized I wanted to be a writer but didn’t know where to begin, I went to the Library in Eau Claire and checked out my first…View post

Thousands of Thanks

We have done this THOUSANDS of times, and it is still the best thing ever. This is where the gratitude grows. Thank you. Seven events in the next nine days. Please visit the EVENTS page at SneezingCow.com and please consider signing up for the mailing list. It’s how we power the little machine.