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Eau(x) Claire(s) History, My History

This is a beautifully written piece full of humor and heart that effectively leavens legend with reality. And the photos are lovely. See that one taken from the back of the Joynt? See the stained glass window to the left? That is where I got my MFA. As a lifelong nonsmoking teetotal, how lucky was…View post

The Quotable Astronautalis

Today in his Instagram feed, the rapper Astronautalis announces, “MAMA, I GOT QUOTED IN A BOOK!” I’m not surprised. The quote in question invokes the battle of Trenton, Benjamin Franklin, and Hessians in the context of the American Revolution. Astronautalis (some call him Andy) writes verse that stands on its own–beat or no beat. Which…View post

Mary Cutrufello at Eaux Claires

My friend Mary Cutrufello is joining other writers in the Escape installation at this year’s Eaux Claires festival. Mary’s road began in Connecticut, passed through Yale (American Studies specializing in 20th-century transportation history) then a series of Texas roadhouse honky-tonks, where her Telecaster earned her a major label record deal that was only the beginning of a…View post

Eaux Claires Writer Meets Muralist Meets Music

Have learned a thing or two from Daniel José Older. We share this: Both are writers with backgrounds in EMS (he was a paramedic in NYC). Pleased to welcome him to Eaux Claires (see his pre-novel drawings here) (scroll down to activate split screen), where we’ll try to arrange a pop-up reading featuring him and…View post