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Eaux Claires Writer Meets Muralist Meets Music

Have learned a thing or two from Daniel José Older. We share this: Both are writers with backgrounds in EMS (he was a paramedic in NYC). Pleased to welcome him to Eaux Claires (see his pre-novel drawings here) (scroll down to activate split screen), where we’ll try to arrange a pop-up reading featuring him and…View post

Acting Like Real People

Whenever I do a first read-through for Population 485: On Stage, I tell the actors and director very little about the background of the play or the real-life people behind the roles I’ve written. This is primarily an issue of professional respect: The actors don’t need a writer telling them how to proceed in their chosen and…View post

Tucson Book Festival Wrap-Up

This is a lovely summary of the remarkable Tucson Festival of Books, and I’m not just saying that because there are pictures of me. It’s because there are pictures and text about me and my latest book, Roughneck Grace. Credit and thanks to Nan Sanders Pokerwinski.