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Marking It Up

This is me revising a manuscript. Toward the end, in the polishing stage. When it’s down to tweaking a word or a syllable, trying out different looks, sounds, rhythms, meanings. The only downside is I never feel like I’m done. Always want one more pass. Please subscribe to the SneezingCow YouTube channel and also sign…View post

Trucking exit strategies, ‘The Great Resignation’ and a ‘Face of the Road’ with author Michael Perry

Howdy folks: A while back when the air was not as it is now (everything humid was frozen), Michael sat down with Long Haul Paul from Overdrive magazine, who, along with his lovely bride, interviewed Mike while overlooking the frozen Chippewa river. Paul, as he has done thousands of times in his 18-wheeler, adeptly steered…View post

Backstory to the Backstory

If you arrived here because of the free Substack “Voice Mail” post, thank you. If not, click here for context. The best way I can explain the book in the photo is to quote myself from a half-finished, maybe-never-finished, book about writing I’m working nearly three decades later: In 1995 I wrote a book called…View post