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If you’d like to book Mike as a speaker, or book the Long Beds band, or obtain information about the script for the Population 485 stage play, please use the email form below.

Mike receives far more requests than he can possibly accept and still fulfill his duties as dad, husband, and self-employed writer, but don’t let that stop you. We welcome and encourage all inquiries. Mike has spoken for small groups in libraries, giant groups in auditoriums, farmers at the Legion Hall, corporate gatherings, writer’s conferences, MFA courses, conferences on everything from firefighting to hoof-trimming, serious events, silly events, and once performed an interpretive reading while standing atop a piece of plywood covering a pool table in a health food store.

Mike and his band the Long Beds are also available. The band plays a handful of standalone concerts per year; the music is high-spirited and heartfelt, and the shows are laced with Mike’s hilarious live versions of stories from his books.

Finally, if you are interested in putting on a performance of “Population 485” (the stage adaptation of the book), this is the place to start.

Thank you!

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