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If you’d like to book Mike to speak, or the Long Beds to play, or both, please email Blakeley the Booker for details.

Lately (and we say this with gratitude) we’ve been getting far more requests than we can possibly accept (Mike needs to keep enough blank spots on the calendar to get his writing done, feed the pigs, help with some dishes, and above all be home for bedtime stories and tuck-ins) but we still welcome and encourage inquiries. Mike has spoken for small groups in libraries, giant groups in auditoriums, farmers at the Legion Hall, corporate gatherings, conferences on everything from firefighting to hoof-trimming, serious events, silly events, and once performed an interpretive reading while standing atop a piece of plywood covering a pool table in a health food store.

He does not dance, but is envious of those who can.

Mike and his band the Long Beds are also available. The band plays a handful of standalone concerts per year; on other occasions Mike opens with readings from his books (and occasionally cow jokes), then the band joins him for a closing set. Again, contact Blakeley the Booker.

And to save us all trouble, let it be known that Blakeley the booker is a she.

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