Elevator Ride

Me and my brother* playing teeter-totter with the hay elevator. Inexplicably, we have made it to ages 57 and 55, respectively.

Wow this thing blew up on Facebook. Lotsa happy/dangerous farm kid memories.

*Whenever I do this I get a number of comments/emails/letters, some kind and some outright diatribes (people have TIME), about the grammatical incorrectitude of this usage. Here’s the deal: Disingenuous anti-intellectualism makes me grumpy. Intellectualism is responsible for–among other things–the turbochargers in our big diesel pickup trucks. And I myself often overdo it on the don’t-know-nothin’-’bout-nothin’ clodhopperness. But sometimes–as in the case above–the usage is an issue of comfort and verisimilitude (WOW) and on purpose and above all just the goddang way we talk. Always trying to strike a balance between correctness and comfort. Don’t always get it right.

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