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Book Tour Thank Yous

A day off the road in a hotel room is a glorious thing in the middle of a self-propelled book tour, although these door-hangers make me unreasonably grumpy: Nope. I’m doing laundry, writing three different pieces on deadline, balancing the checkbook from afar, scheduling a colonoscopy (!), sorting the box of bills I brought from…View post

This Book I Wrote

My latest book is out today. I don’t know what to do but keep writing them. This one might not be for everybody. I’ll take that chance. Oh, it’s goofy. Funny and whatnot. With chickens. And hope. Especially at the end. A good dose of hope. But in between, I did a little varnish stripping.…View post

Thank You Bloomer

Thank you to all who turned out for the Bloomer Library event. So many nice visits with readers, childhood neighbors, fire and ambulance folks, one of my former teachers, and some new acquaintances. You know you got a quality small-town literary event when the librarian hangs a trouble light so you can see better out…View post