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Throwback Backhoe

I used to do some things. Elk Mountain, Wyoming. Somewhere around 1981-1986. Boss sent us out to replace bridges and irrigation spillways. We built a lot of dams and water crossings using factory reject sewage tubing and manhole inspection chambers. The boss had a connection at the concrete plant and he’d buy them by the…View post

Guitars and Gratitude

Got in the van with musician friends and did a show in Spencer, Wisconsin. Then flew to Los Angeles and watched a friend do a show on a lil’ bit bigger stage. And so much of it traces back to this book. Still feel like the farm kid I always was, and grateful. Thank you.

Countless Kindnesses

Mostly I roll in my van alone, mostly I just plug away, mostly I never require crowd control or choppers to get me in and out of gigs, mostly I am playing in the minor leagues, but there are times I am reminded that even at my “level” I will never be able to personally…View post