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Vulnerability and Long Beds Show in Shell Lake Tomorrow (Friday) Night

Playing a show in Shell Lake tomorrow night. Hope you can make it. It’s an odd and groovy venue run by wonderful people. Ticket info here. Might try out a new song (band doesn’t even know about it). Wrote it in a moment of sadness, disappointment (in myself), and vulnerability. Been essaying and thinking about…View post


Over the course of the past month, I have participated in several conversations—largely independent of each other and across a range of folks including a life coach in Colorado, a Grammy-winning musician, various friendly strangers, and my wife—in which the common denominator was the word vulnerability. I first began giving regular consideration to the power…View post

Where It All Began

From Coop: In time I began to recognize letters and make attempts at small words, so Mom sent away to a Chicago newspaper for a phonics book. When it arrived, she started at the beginning and worked through page by page… Dug the remnants of that phonics book out of a box in the barn…View post