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Whistlers & Jugglers Where We At Now

  View this post on Instagram   Surprise trip down memory lane while signing a (no longer available) copy of “Why They Killed Big Boy,” the third of my four self-published books. Printed it way back before I had a website, so later–one by one–I pasted “www.sneezingcow.com” labels on the title page. Whistlers & Jugglers…View post

Montaigne And Privilege

From the “Roughneck Intersectionality” chapter of Montaigne in Barn Boots. One of the trickiest chapters I’ve ever written. I’d say I’m not sure I got it right, but it’s not about being right, it’s about trying to look in the mirror, ask the questions, and adjust accordingly. Project never ends. This book, I don’t know, it may…View post

Monday Morning Thank You

View this post on Instagram Mike Perry & The Long Beds at Icehouse Mpls A post shared by Rick Fuller (@rickcfuller) on Nov 4, 2018 at 4:19pm PST Monday morning, thank you to the Long Beds for letting me tag along to their concerts the last three days, thank you to all who did the…View post

Viroqua Tonight, Minneapolis Tomorrow

Contents, left front jeans pocket this morning. Much fun strumming at Pablo Center at the Confluence last night. Thank you to everyone (SOLD OUT!) who took the time to join us, thank you to all the staff, and thank you to the Long Beds who have my back in every sense. Viroqua Masonic Center tonight…View post