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Grandpa Said Go Write

Man on the left lived part of his childhood in a railroad boxcar. Spent time dug into the sands of Iwo Jima, witnessed the worst of it. Wound up introducing the Presto pressure cooker to the world, at least once via a single engine plane landed in a Central America cattle pasture. Politely declined his…View post

Welcome to Michael Perry’s Sneezing Cow

If you’re here because you just saw Mike speak, or heard him interviewed, here’s some background. More on Population 485 here (see lefthand column for audio and ebook versions). Forty Acres Deep can be heard here. If you’re here because you heard Mike mention his new “Voice Mail” audio newsletter in an interview or on a…View post

Set to Ship

Signed, stacked, and set to ship. Burned through some Sharpies. Thank you. We’re still taking orders. Not being an international conglomerate, Monday’s pretty much the last day we can guarantee delivery by Christmas although feel free to take yer chances…since the crew’s all local, sometimes we can expedite. A big thank you to the crew…View post