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Prince of the Midwest

This piece began with a paragraph written for the Montaigne book a week before Prince died. I’m grateful to Belt Publishing for including it in their “Under Purple Skies” anthology, to Longreads for making it available here, and to Anil Dash for kindly fact-checking the passage about Prince and Appolonia in the haymow. Yessir, Old Man Johnson’s…View post


After last night’s Wisconsin Public Television show I woke up to a happy avalanche of emails, messages, and questions. Right now I gotta check out of a hotel in the city and drive three hours north to the where (I am not making this up) the roof is leaking and the snow plow truck battery…View post

Tucson Book Festival Talk

I’m supposed to talk about a lot of different things in Tucson today. Anyone who’s seen me speak knows “supposed to” is more like “might, if he wanders off into it.” So I’m putting up a few links here in case I don’t cover everything or if you attended and want to see/know more. The…View post

Big Fat Book

Photo from a reader, with accompanying note: In the summer afternoons, you might find me sitting on the boat reading.  It is usually one of your books.  Thank you. Now, this past summer I forgot where (I like to say “lost”) your “Man Working” book.  I found it on the boat after the “great rainstorm”…….Being…View post