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Thank You Bloomer

Thank you to all who turned out for the Bloomer Library event. So many nice visits with readers, childhood neighbors, fire and ambulance folks, one of my former teachers, and some new acquaintances. You know you got a quality small-town literary event when the librarian hangs a trouble light so you can see better out…View post

Population 485 Thank You

Among the more humbling (and recurring) ironies of calling oneself a “writer” resides the regular recognition that one is regularly incapable of finding words commensurate to circumstance, be there joy or grief, or–as in this instance–thanks to give. In other words, ain’t no way to say it. But you have to try. So, from the program: First, I…View post

Population 485 Moving Up North

Thank you to all who attended the Population 485 preview shows in Eau Claire. If you tried but couldn’t get in, please hang in there, we hope to bring it back around sometime in the future. We learned so much from those two shows, and when I think of all the people who made time to…View post

The Little Thank You

So many big things happened at Eaux Claires festival this year, big enough that you can find news of them elsewhere on your own. I wish to say a word about the little things. And when I say “little,” I am speaking to ratio, not to importance. Whatever you might read or hear or see out…View post

The Jesus Cow in Durham Tonight

Tonight my friend Phil Cook and I are taking The Jesus Cow show to The Regulator Bookshop in Durham, North Carolina. Last night in Chapel Hill we had a fine, laughter-filled time of good music and clodhopper standup, and I expect the same this evening. It’s a pleasure and privilege to have friends like Phil. To watch…View post