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Eric Taylor

Once drove three hours through a thunderstorm so bad I sometimes couldn’t see past the hood just to see Eric Taylor, whose songs so deeply influenced my writing. Got to the venue only to find I left my wallet, all IDs at home. Offered to give bartender my car registration if he’d let me in.…View post

Bathroom Bon

Moment of contemplation in a local restroom when I look up and see this. Had passed from memory. It was SO COLD that night. As my intro ended the velvet curtain swung open, releasing a giant block of cold air trapped backstage. It washed over the audience as the band launched into “Lump Sum,” and the…View post

The Good People

Just spent a week creating and performing with a fascinating batch of artists, famous and not. It was an invigorating, challenging, uplifting, disorienting (in the best sense) experience. Now they have scattered around the world, leaving their work to echo where it will. The experience highlights my appreciation for the photo above, taken a couple…View post