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Walking the Dog, Country Style

Throwback Thursday, taking the dog for a walk. He was a good ol’ flop-eared mutt. Alfie, we called him. Or Alf. Unless I’m remembering that wrong, in which case I’ll…View post

Seat That Bead

Wound up having to dismount it for the fix, but every now and then yer softhanded writer boy wins one.

Family Farms on Fire

A while back I was interviewed about Forty Acres Deep by Brian Reisinger for a piece he was composing about family farms and the struggles they face. The piece by…View post

Forty Acres Deep book information

As word spreads, we keep getting more inquiries about Mike’s book Forty Acres Deep, and–more specifically–where to find it. Below are the basics. And then, at the end, the story of…View post