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Seat That Bead

Wound up having to dismount it for the fix, but every now and then yer softhanded writer boy wins one.

Exciting News

Yesterday my insurance agent informed me I am 58 years old, not 59 as I have been telling everyone for the past month-and-a-half.

We Got It On Tape

1995. Whatever’s the Scandihoovian equivalent of chutzpah, I had it. Rented the church, made my own posters, sheesh sometimes things succeed because we just don’t know any better. (Considered myself…View post

Elevator Ride

Me and my brother* playing teeter-totter with the hay elevator. Inexplicably, we have made it to ages 57 and 55, respectively. Wow this thing blew up on Facebook. Lotsa happy/dangerous…View post