Trucking exit strategies, ‘The Great Resignation’ and a ‘Face of the Road’ with author Michael Perry

Howdy folks:

A while back when the air was not as it is now (everything humid was frozen), Michael sat down with Long Haul Paul from Overdrive magazine, who, along with his lovely bride, interviewed Mike while overlooking the frozen Chippewa river. Paul, as he has done thousands of times in his 18-wheeler, adeptly steered as Mike rambled, and a lovely chat ensued about life on the farm, making a living as a freelancer, and other tales. You can listen on YouTube or find other options here.

From Paul, himself:

“So once again, I shamelessly parlayed the platform lent to me by Overdrive to speak with someone I admire — someone who may be able to point me in the right direction. This week’s victim is bestselling author, playwright, humorist, radio show host, singer-songwriter, newspaper columnist, and intermittent pig farmer Michael Perry. If anyone could tell me how to possibly cut out a livelihood on part-time trucking and potentially other income streams, it might just be him.

Raised in a family of farmers, loggers and truckers, Perry left a good-paying job in the medical field to chronicle the lives of working people as a freelance writer…hosting the nationally syndicated public radio program “Tent Show Radio,” which has featured acts in its tenure like Merle Haggard, Kathy Mattea and John Prine.

In many ways, Perry embodies the creative equivalent of a small farmer or independent trucker, working the gigs that work for him, shedding the ones that don’t. Not bad for a guy who got his start writing for a trucking publication.”






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