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Barry Lynn

Came offstage for intermission in Oconomowoc to find a message saying Barry died. Not five minutes prior we were sharing his story and art with a sold out crowd. That seemed about right. I cannot overstate the bravery of this man, and his influence on me and an army of souls. More in time. Right…View post

Lots of Reasons To Write

There are lots of reasons to write. Here’s one, a Facebook message I just discovered from several months ago. Name redacted: Im a firefighter back home in Upstate NY, rural as it comes. I too came up in a small department, joined when i was 17. Im 28 now and firefighting as never left me.…View post

This Book I Wrote

My latest book is out today. I don’t know what to do but keep writing them. This one might not be for everybody. I’ll take that chance. Oh, it’s goofy. Funny and whatnot. With chickens. And hope. Especially at the end. A good dose of hope. But in between, I did a little varnish stripping.…View post