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Decadent Cabaret 2016

Among the unreserved joys of my unexpected life path I cherish the chance to hang out with nurses, loggers, or firefighters one minute and weirdo artists the next. In nearly all cases, everybody’s — to paraphrase Sturgill Simpson — just tryin’ to git in where they fit in. I was honored to attend Decadent Cabaret 2016…View post

Why I Love Indies

If you’re planning a whitewater rafting trip down an alligator-infested lava flow without a life preserver, may I suggest you retain the manager of your local independent bookstore as a guide? In the world of books and publishing, few have been more buffeted by change and circumstance than your local “indie,” and if there’s one…View post

New Paperback Covers

Over the next year, Harper Perennial is re-releasing my paperbacks with new covers, each designed by the same artist who designed the cover of The Jesus Cow. New cover art always elicits varying reactions, including from me, but in short, I’m grateful my publisher is doing this, as it is a way for all of my…View post