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Trucking exit strategies, ‘The Great Resignation’ and a ‘Face of the Road’ with author Michael Perry

Howdy folks: A while back when the air was not as it is now (everything humid was frozen), Michael sat down with Long Haul Paul from Overdrive magazine, who, along with his lovely bride, interviewed Mike while overlooking the frozen Chippewa river. Paul, as he has done thousands of times in his 18-wheeler, adeptly steered…View post

Door Country Reads Events (Mike Livestream Saturday)

I am grateful that Population 485 and┬áTruck: A Love Story have been chosen for Door County Reads 2022, but when I read this list of associated events, I’m even more grateful to all the folks giving of their time and talents above and beyond. One of those situations where you just can’t thank everyone who…View post

Guitars and Gratitude

Got in the van with musician friends and did a show in Spencer, Wisconsin. Then flew to Los Angeles and watched a friend do a show on a lil’ bit bigger stage. And so much of it traces back to this book. Still feel like the farm kid I always was, and grateful. Thank you.