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Mike in the Zumbrota News Record

A few weeks back Mike spoke with the Pine Island, MN community about his book, Population: 485, which was this year’s choice for the “One Town One Title” series. The…View post

Firefighting Throwback

Throwback to that time I found out how it goes if you fight a wildfire while wearing cargo shorts under your gear. Safe, but sooty. Man, I loved being part…View post

Laundromat Books

Copy-pasted this a while back and now can’t remember where I saw it written (in a review, maybe? or a social media comment?), but thank you to this reader, and…View post

Second Language, Second Family

I was gifted this challenge coin after I spoke and shared an evening with a large group of EMTs, firefighters, and first responders last week. I got my EMT license…View post