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Trying Out A New Song

During last week’s show in Oshkosh we tried out a new song. I think this was only the second time we’d played it in public. I started writing it two years ago in a motel room at the edge of Bayfield, Wisconsin, thus the Hayward and Trego references.

Here’s an unmixed rough recording of the performance. My favorite part? Listen how the band carefully carries me through the bits we’re still working out. Especially on final chorus where you can hear Chris counting for me. Makes me grin. They’re good and I’m lucky to have them.

I’ve got most of the songs for the next album written, it’s just a matter of finding time to get back in the studio. Workin’ on that.

More Long Beds music here.

From Draft to Debut



Sometime on the road a long ways back, singer/songwriter Drew Nelson gave me a journal. Few months back, Grammy-nominated jazz pianist Geoffrey Keezer asked me to collaborate with him by writing a narration for a piece he had written. I started scribbling in the journal. Then I started typing up drafts and revising them. It’s about a footloose character who stops by a particular place. Last night we rehearsed the piece for the first time, tonight it’ll debut here.

It’s one of those days where I’m deeply grateful for every goofy twist and turn my life has taken. Had a lot of help along the way.

New Song “Golden in the Morning”

I’m working hard on the next book (due out in Spring 2012, fingers would be crossed but I can’t type that way), and another soon-to-be-released project also in the works (more on that in a week or two) but the other day while I was in the studio with my friend Jaime I sat down with the guitar and did a simple recording of a song I wrote a while back called “Golden in the Morning.”

For more about why I wrote the song, a look at the lyrics, and to have a listen, please visit this link.