After last night’s Wisconsin Public Television show I woke up to a happy avalanche of emails, messages, and questions. Right now I gotta check out of a hotel in the city and drive three hours north to the where (I am not making this up) the roof is leaking and the snow plow truck battery is dead, so here are some quick things:

  1. Thank you. From the folks at WPR (volunteers, shooting/writing/editing crew, staff, leadership) who made my part so easy, to everyone who took the time to watch and send best wishes. This is one of those no-way-to-properly-thank-everybody situations, so know it’s in my heart.
  2. Lots of folks asking about the DVD and/or where else to watch the show, I’ll find out and update when I have that info.
  3. More platforms and information to follow, but “From the Top” is now available as an audiobook on iTunes and Audible.
  4. If you’re new here, last week before the Tucson book festival I posted an overview of what I do and how I do it.
  5. The books and CDs and whatnot are here.
  6. To keep track of new books and be warned if I’m performing near you, please consider joining the mailing list.
  7. Wisconsin, yep, but I ain’t gonna lie to ya, while I’m pulling the battery outta that plow truck I’m gonna miss Tucson.

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