Tucson Book Festival Talk

I’m supposed to talk about a lot of different things in Tucson today. Anyone who’s seen me speak knows “supposed to” is more like “might, if he wanders off into it.” So I’m putting up a few links here in case I don’t cover everything or if you attended and want to see/know more.

The original post about moving books with a tractor (and why) is here.

This article is a nice summary of life on book tour and the business of being a writer operating “from the middle of nowhere.”

A whole raft of photos illustrating my revision process (it relies heavily on scissors).

Local piece about “Danger: Man Working,” with background about the freelance writing life plus a photo of one of my notebooks and another of me looking pensive in my writing room.

The weird thing I write on.

Every post I’ve ever done tagged “How¬†NOT to be a writer.”

If not for this book, I wouldn’t be in Tucson or any book festival.

Here’s all my stuff.

I love being a writer.

Thank you.


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