Why I Love Indies

If you’re planning a whitewater rafting trip down an alligator-infested lava flow without a life preserver, may I suggest you retain the manager of your local independent bookstore as a guide? In the world of books and publishing, few have been more buffeted by change and circumstance than your local “indie,” and if there’s one still standing in your neighborhood, I can pretty much guarantee its run by hard-working optimistic survivors with one potentially fatal weakness: they love books, and just won’t quit.

And thank goodness for that. Thirteen years ago, when Population 485 was released, it was hand-sold into existence by independent booksellers–but they just won’t quit.

How do I know?

Because thirteen years later, out of the blue, I get an email with proof that the indie crew is still out there, hand-selling every day:

2015 MIBA list

I don’t know why it’s back on the list. But I know it didn’t pop back up there on its own. Thank you, indies.


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