Walking to Work (Or: The Human Gerbil)

Kinda outed myself about this on Twitter recently. After 20-plus years of slouching at a desk I’m learning the hard way that I should have been moving more and that the occasional blast of fitness doesn’t do it. Six weeks in, I’m down ten pounds and find myself oddly hooked. Have written many thousands of words at 2.2 miles per hour. Still prefer to sit while poring over line edits and making revisions, but other than that it’s been a pleasantly functional deal. UPDATE, AUGUST 2023: I wore that first one out. Have upped my writing speed to 2.5 mph. Closing in on 9,000 miles. The ten pounds claim may or may not still be accurate, depending on the menu.


Step aboard.


Can see the chicken coop from here.


My education not going to waste.

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