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Walking to Work (Or: The Human Gerbil)

Kinda outed myself about this on Twitter recently. After 20-plus years of slouching at a desk I’m learning the hard way that I should have been moving more and that the occasional blast of fitness doesn’t do it. Six weeks in, I’m down ten pounds and find myself oddly hooked. Have written many thousands of words at 2.2 miles per hour. Still prefer to sit while poring over line edits and making revisions, but other than that it’s been a pleasantly functional deal.


Step aboard.


Can see the chicken coop from here.


My education not going to waste.

Miscellaneous Today

Friend in iffy band situation says: “It’s like dating a flaky hot girl – you just enjoy the time you have.”

Says the five-year-old after watching Dad struggle along: “Jogging is just fake running.”

A Small Big Top Moment

Late last Sunday afternoon before performing at Big Top Chautauqua, I donned my running gear and ran straight up the face of Mount Ashwabay.  Just about hurled a lung, but made it.  Turned at the very tip-top, and was rewarded with a many-miles view of Lake Superior and the Apostle Islands in the sun, and down at the foot of the ski hill, the blue and pearl-gray tent waiting patiently for the evening’s ticketholders to file in.  The sound of the Blue Canvas Orchestra in rehearsal floated up on the breeze.  I drank it all in, and thought too of my family at home.  Made me feel lonesome and privileged all at once.  Running down the hill, I followed a trail of soft red sand that wove through the trees, everything quiet under the cover of leaves.

Told You It Wasn’t Pretty

Remember that post I wrote about running a mile recently?  I ran it in 5:50, but told someone it didn’t look like 5:50.  And it certainly didn’t feel like 5:50.  It looked and felt ugly.  Now, thanks to photographer, geographer, radio host and international track journalist Sean Hartnett, I have photographic proof that I am still working on that whole gazelle thing.  If you think the photo above reflects a certain internal turmoil, check out this one: