Montaigne and the Clodhopper Deal

The one we send you won’t have a bent cover.

There’s a reason we’re giving away a free copy of The Clodhopper Monologues with every pre-ordered paperback copy of Montaigne in Barn Boots. It has to do with me being fed up with all the anti-intellectual hoo-hah (as if those Founding Fathers we all love to cite in weren’t farmers deep into French philosophy; as if the turbo-charger on yer four-wheel-drive pickup wasn’t invented by a European polytechnic math whiz) but also knee-jerk loyalty to the ground-level roughneck experiences that shaped me (thus in my French philosophy book we go in-depth on the deservedly-much-hated eco-busting “non-spill” fuel nozzle foisted upon us by the dad-gum gummint).

Life’s a conundrum and I am regularly an idiot, and I knew this book wouldn’t make everybody happy and it sure hasn’t. But with the exception of Population 485, I’ve also never written a book where I received more earnest, heartfelt letters, emails, and handshake comments from readers out there trying to maintain forward motion through all the shrill frantic madness. And who are fed up with loud certitude.

There are big swaths of this book that make me nervous. Where I am in over my head. Where I invite dumb trouble. There is also the usual dose of humor and chickens. And through it all I’m just trying to figure out how a dead French philosopher might help me become a better clodhopper.

And, as with so many of us, I’m just working on paying the bills. So if you’re interested and pre-order the book before October 31, we’ll throw in a copy of my live humor CD, The Clodhopper Monologues, for free.

Good luck out there,

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