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“THAT Guy Wrote THAT?!?”

I’m tickled with how this discussion begins; the reader admitting she was assigned my book in grad school and “I didn’t enjoy it.” Then another story unfolds… I’ve been doing this for decades and continue to be caught off guard by how kind, thoughtful, and reflective readers can be, and how they give authors their…View post

Philosophy for the Rest of Us

The amount of correspondence I receive precludes my responding to each email, letter, Facebook comment, etc., and so on, with the detail each deserves. But I still read’em all, and I am always grateful (and in the case of an unusual book like Montaigne in Barn Boots, especially grateful) when a reader takes time to share…View post

Art and Philosophy for Us In-Betweens

Book writing is weird. Not everyone is digging Montaigne in Barn Boots and it clearly ain’t for everyone. That’s OK, and part of the deal. But not since Population 485 have I received more heartfelt, emotional, personal emails and notes for anything I’ve published. Perhaps folks are put off by that unpronounceable name on the cover, or the…View post