Works With Iowa State Troopers Also

In the interest of the quarterly health insurance premium having just arrived (it seems to show up every three months) (and yet I never feel prepared) (and yet have lately been grateful for even that tattered net) I have been quite relentlessly attempting to draw attention to my new book, but a post by another guy you’ll always find on my acknowledgements page¬†reminds me that Jon Loomis has a new book out.

Jon has a great story about how authors can navigate security without the proper ID, and I can vouch for him because I once used a copy of Population 485 to get off the hook with an Iowa state trooper.

P.S. As I prepare to post this, I’m wondering if the phrase “get off the hook with an Iowa state trooper” might result in a burst of what Google Analytics refers to as “Unique Pageviews.”


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