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Got To Meet Emmy

Got to meet the Emmy won by animator Brandon Ribordy and animation director Philip Ashby after they adapted a passage from Visiting Tom into this: Congratulations Brandon and Philip, and thank you for taking the time to share this with me when I dropped by Madison last weekend.

ReVisiting Tom

Throughout The Jesus Cow tour, folks have been asking about Tom from Visiting Tom. My younger daughter and I visited him just the other day. We had a good visit in the kitchen. He’s doing well. He misses Arlene. Both things at once. I’ve never had someone capture my feelings about a book the way Dan…View post

Around The Farm Table: Egg Juggling Edition

  Spent a little time Around the Farm Table recently. Thank you, Inga! (Those who know me will recognize some entertaining artistic license was exercised–juggling?!?). I wish to thank Dennis, a neighbor who lent his porch and those tractors in the background.