Visiting Tom

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UPDATE: “Visiting Tom” is officially a New York Times bestseller. This has never happened before and we are happily flabbergasted.

All posts that had anything to do with the book – photos, early snippets, stories behind the book – have been gathered at this link (for fun, we recommend you begin with the oldest posts first).


Mike’s “Visiting Tom” book tour will be taking him to over 30 cities. Click here for schedule and details.


Click here to hear Mike reading the “kitchen” excerpt in which he describes the power of a country kitchen.

Click here to hear Mike reading the “workshop” excerpt“Imagine an antique store stocked by Rube Goldberg, curated by Hunter Thompson and rearranged by a small earthquake…”

Click here to hear Mike describing and using the deer skinner described on page 152 of “Visiting Tom.”


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