Oops! Visiting Tom

As you know, it is long-standing policy around here at Sneezing Cow Enterprises to post errors in Mike’s books when they are discovered. Usually that happens after the books come out and the feedback ensues. Well, the book isn’t out for another two months (August 21, but you can pre-order here), but while recording the audiobook version Mike discovered two errors on his own:

p. 175 – I refer to myself doing something dumb and dangerous while my wife checks the payout terms on my “whole life” insurance policy. I don’t have a “whole life” policy. Not sure why I wrote that, but it’s pretty safe to blame general ignorance, as my head goes immediately fuzzy inside whenever I hear grownup terms like insurance, percentage rates, permits, electricity, routine maintenance,¬†etc., etc.

p. 239 – “Grandpa’s farm” should actually be “Great-grandpa’s farm.” Technically Grandpa did live there, but it was Great-Grandpa’s farm originally and referred to as such earlier in the manuscript.

There. I’m glad we had this talk. For more, click on the “Oops!” tag below.

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