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Took a header off that oil rig in 1982. Tripped on the top step, woke up bleeding on the bottom step. Returned to the scene this weekend and discovered the…View post

On The Road Again (Free Listen)

This week’s Voice Mail is free and includes a caption that explains the situation in the photo above. Click here to listen. P.S. for our blind or low vision followers,…View post

Hear the Story

Messed up with the AeroPress. Rest of the story in this free episode of “Michael Perry’s Voice Mail.“

Critic? Or Just Hungry?

After the show in Stoughton, I was asked—with the library’s permission—to sign this book. When I opened it…

Exciting News

Yesterday my insurance agent informed me I am 58 years old, not 59 as I have been telling everyone for the past month-and-a-half.