Beagle in the Beer Barn

Mike and Beagle 2009

Snuck up to Jamboree Days Sunday.  It was good to see folks.  My wife and I and our two little ones wandered around through the carnival, ate charcoal chicken and homemade hot dogs, sat on the sidewalk and caught candy during the parade, and watched some softball.  I got to see many of my Nobbern firefighting pals.  Always so good to visit.  The photo above is of me and my friend, neighbor and fellow firefighter Bob the One-Eyed Beagle.  Not only is Bob a good guy, he is a master at turning our pigs into neat little packages of smoky delight…

If you don’t know the story of how Bob got his nickname, it’s in here.

P.S. It used to be the beer tent, but now it’s the beer barn.  They’ve done quite a job of tuning up the park there in Nobbern.  I remember when I moved back in 1995, there was a falling down softball backstop and some old horseshoe pits.  Now it’s a going concern.  Tip of the cap to all the volunteers sung and unsung.

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