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World Book Night and Tattoos

  If you’re considering giving away Population 485 for World Book Night but don’t know who might be interested, I ask: Know anyone with a tattoo? Who likes dogs? Specifically, beagles? Very Specifically, one-eyed beagles? Instructions for how to be a World Book Night “giver” here.

Real Proud

Made my annual pilgrimage to the New Auburn Area Fire Department banquet Saturday. Played a little bingo, visited with the Beagle (and his tattoo), many other dear friends and neighbors. Dang, I love the place. Also got to see a guy I made many calls with in the past. In Truck, I mention him in…View post

Beagle Making Me Grin

So last night was the final class of our required biannual emergency first responder refresher course.  These days I am privileged to be answering calls with the Emergicare division of our local Township Fire Department, but the only refresher that fit my schedule was the one up in New Auburn, with my old Population 485…View post

Beagle in the Beer Barn

Snuck up to Jamboree Days Sunday.  It was good to see folks.  My wife and I and our two little ones wandered around through the carnival, ate charcoal chicken and homemade hot dogs, sat on the sidewalk and caught candy during the parade, and watched some softball.  I got to see many of my Nobbern…View post