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I Do Remember

Mom says don’t brag but gotta share this one because you know you’ve hit a small town high point when you make the local “remember when” column and it didn’t…View post

Hometown Robotics

Hey New Auburn School District robotics crew, thank you for the T-shirt! Thanks to Mr. Rayburn for taking the idea and runnin’ with it, thanks to the folks from Pablo…View post

The Ledger

Every time we perform “Population 485 On Stage” (we’re in the big blue tent up in Bayfield Friday) and I see this ledger on the prop table, I smile, because…View post

New Music from Billy

If you’ve ever been to a Long Beds show and seen the guy sitting behind me playing guitar, banjo, and singing harmony, that’s Billy. If you’ve ever heard that guy…View post

Working Out The Fire

Shooting a video promo for Population 485: On Stage. This is the interior attack scene. I vividly recall the actual night of the actual fire; how thrilling, scary, and exhilarating…View post