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Hanging Around My Hometown

writer case

How wonderful and humbling this is. My hometown high school arranged to have a case (made of 100-year-old barn wood) placed in the commons, then filled it with with my books and CDs.

Wherever I’m standing when I say it, I am grateful to be of and from New Auburn, Wisconsin.

I see they left a couple of spaces there. I’m working on filling those right now.

A special thanks (per a little bird) to J.Y. for construction and S.P. for providing the wood.

Forty Years of Service

It was my recent honor to be present for an event in my hometown of New Auburn, Wisconsin, to honor Chief Ernie Sylvester (below, center, in shorts), retiring after 40 years of service to the village and surrounding environs. It was my privilege to serve 12 years beside the Chief and my other neighbors.

NAAFD Chief Retire


Quality Acquaintances

Included in the pleasures of quality acquaintances are the gifts they give (this from an erudite barkeep):

My Daughters Have Exceptional Uncles

The backstory here is too complex and insidery to adequately address, but in summary the photo you see below is the result of my two brothers and my brother-in-law, some wheeling-and-dealing, a practical joke involving a whole lot of pink paint, and the fact that my brother Jed and I have five daughters. Also, note vintage and fully functional fire siren.

The girls loved it, and there was much giggling* during last night’s low-range back forty joyride.

*some from a logger and some by a bulldozer operator – thank you, uncles.


Beer to My Heart

Searching for something, I came across this entry about Jamboree Days (in my hometown of New Auburn, Wisconsin) from July, 2003:

Jamboree Days always has the feel of a family reunion to me, but when it comes to capturing the ineffable essence of the thing, a member of one of the large local families may have put it best.  Referring to the subtitle of Population 485 – Meeting Your Neighbors One Siren at a Time, he raised a glass to the hubbub, and declared, “Here I am, meeting my neighbors one beer at a time.”

Big Old Thank You

Someone just sent me this link, which reminds me one more time to say thanks to all the friends and neighbors who turned out for this. You did a bunch of good. And my brother’s barbershopper quartet opened for us! What fun, and they also gave us a gorgeous national anthem.

And as always, thank you to the Long Beds. Chuck, Chris, Billy, Molly. Can’t adequately express what a comfort and privilege it is to look up from my International guitar and see them working away…