Throwback Thursday: Montaigne in Barn Boots

Montaigne in Barn Boots is not my most popular book, sales-wise. I kinda knew that goin’ in. In fact, I told my editor, “Some of my audience isn’t gonna go for this one.” And, I like to joke, I was right. But that book also precipitated some of the most heartfelt letters, emails, and conversations since Population 485. The readers who did connect with it, connected deeply. The other night–man, I wish I’d’a thought to take a picture of this–when I was signing books after a show with the band, a man brought his hardcover copy to show me. It was studded with bronze book darts. It’s gratifying and a tad overwhelming when someone reads my work that closely.

Anyways. I enjoyed writing that book, and thanks to those of you who enjoyed it with me. When it was released, we put out some promotional images with excerpts; here, in honor of Throwback Thursday, are a few:

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