Local Work

Signed all these “Forty Acres Deep” books two weeks ago, then a week later had to sign several more stacks because the ones in the photograph were all gone. We also just received the second printing because we sold out the first. Not pictured: It’s also become our best-ever audiobook seller.

Saying “we” and “our” because Sneezing Cow begins with me at the keyboard, but none of it gets to you without the work of local folks including my manager (sometimes local, sometimes remote), merch dude (local), the printing company (couple miles from here), the fulfillment and distribution team (family business literally just down the road), a local editor, a local graphic artist, and a local sound engineer. Then there are the local and regional indie bookstores. We’re on Amazon and other platforms nationwide, but it all begins right here on the real back forty. Thank you! “Forty Acres Deep” and everything else right here.

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