Old Poster, Old Friends, Old Gratitudes

It was indeed my “latest book” in 2016. Poster by Grant Alden. Turned out to be a real good night.

Today I was doing an email search for something else and came across this exchange:

Grant and his partner Susan own CoffeeTree Books in Morehead, Kentucky. Grant was my editor when I freelanced for No Depression magazine a million years ago. He was a profound influence on me in that regard, and more to the point, really helped whip my writing into shape (with an additional nod to Peter Blackstock). But I also recall he gave me room to run. That’s a big deal.

Anyways. Grant and Susan came through on that impromptu Jesus Cow deal. Seventeen days after I fired off the email, I fired up the rental car, drove the 5.5 hours from Durham to Morehead, had a fine evening sharing stories with friendly strangers, then got back in the rental and headed out in the dark, bound for Nashville.

One day in a life. Forgotten until I accidentally unearthed it just now to be reminded of every kind word, every good person, all good will along the way. Along theĀ decades.

Back to it. But thank you. All of you.




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