New Long Beds Single – “Little Bird”

Back before the pandemic I was having a bad day. Felt I was failing as a husband. Had a daughter in distress far from home and calling for comfort. Another daughter on the edge of change. I needed sunlight. I stepped outside into a beautiful summer afternoon. First thing I saw was an indigo bunting, dead in the grass. So I headed back into my little room above the garage and wrote this song. It’s about trying to do better. About how memories can sustain us. About letting daughters fly.

Sometimes I wish I didn’t feel things the way I do. Wish I was tougher. Thicker skinned. But I’m also grateful when a few chords and a handful of words can free me up, get me back on track. And that I have daughters to sing beside me.

Here is a link to the major platforms where you can stream or download: Little Bird


Little bird
Dead in the grass
Flew too far
Flew too fast

Do you remember
Gave you my word
I used to call you
Little bird

You no longer sing
But I still hear your wings
Beating in the black
Beating in the blue
Beating back to me and you

Little bird
At the edge of the nest
Crazy little heart
Beating in your chest

Do you remember
Our bedtime prayer
Wherever you go
I’ll meet you there


Lyrics, Lead Vocals – Michael Perry
Composers – Michael Perry, Evan Middlesworth
Additional vocals: “Jane”
Additional musicians: Drums, Shane Leonard. Bass, Jeremy Boettcher. Piano, Ben Lester
Recorded at Pine Hollow. Eau Claire, WI. Produced by Michael Perry and Evan Middlesworth

Artwork by Andrea Worthey

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