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Forty Acres Deep

New song… This song began with me scribbling down the phrase ‘forty acres deep’ one day. On a map, forty acres are flat. But when you come from my rural roughneck background, “forty acres deep” connotes being in debt to the bank, being isolated, being in a position where you’ve committed to something so deeply you…View post

New Long Beds Single – “Little Bird”

Back before the pandemic I was having a bad day. Felt I was failing as a husband. Had a daughter in distress far from home and calling for comfort. Another daughter on the edge of change. I needed sunlight. I stepped outside into a beautiful summer afternoon. First thing I saw was an indigo bunting,…View post

Michael Perry and the Long Beds on the Tiny Tent Show tonight – 7PM (CT)

Howdy Folks. Tonight, the Tiny Tent Show folks are airing a live performance of Michael Perry and the Long Beds recently recorded in the JAMF Theatre at the Pablo Center in Eau Claire, WI. The show starts at 7PM (CT) tonight. You can watch the show here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jVC3-Q691c&feature=youtu.be Michael Perry and The Long Beds bring…View post