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Working Up A Song

I so enjoy building songs. Germ of an idea, a couple chords, see where it goes. Even if, say, all you got’s a half a verse and a chorus line, it’s a fine thing to sit in a circle with friends and run it ’round and ’round, feel it find its shape. Hear the harmonies…View post

Fun with Album Art

Thanks to Long Beds bass player Chuck, who got me this vinyl beauty for a buck-fifty on the way to a show the other day. Just had a chance to study the cover art and check this out: Got your classic Kenworth logo. But zoom in to that chrome lettering: Then check the artist credits…View post

Laugh, Sing, Dance…(Two Outta Three)

Mabel Tainter Theatre in Menomonie, Wisconsin, tonight with bits from the new book, music with the Long Beds, Ben Lester on pedal steel, Ben’s dad on chickin’ pickin’ guitar, and all those hot dance moves you’ve come to expect from me. TOMORROW: Mineral Point with Mary Cutrufello joining the band. SATURDAY: Mike in Richland Center.…View post

New Music from Billy

If you’ve ever been to a Long Beds show and seen the guy sitting behind me playing guitar, banjo, and singing harmony, that’s Billy. If you’ve ever heard that guy raise your tiny neck hairs when he takes the vocal solo on “Ashes,” that’s Billy. If you ever wondered who was the first person to…View post