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Long Beds in Mt. Horeb and Shell Lake

Mt. Horeb Wednesday, Shell Lake Friday. New guitar (RIP, International Harvester Larivee), new gig bag, Waylon had to cancel. Details on SneezingCow.com events page. Also, new book “Hunker” available pretty much everywhere now.

Another Van Ride In The Books

Another Long Beds cheeseheaded (SO MUCH CHEESE) 3-day mini-tour in the books. As ever, thank yous all around to the folks who gave of their time to join us, to the volunteers and lifters and haulers and techs and organizers and workers who make our part easy, giving us more time to take ourselves and…View post

Forty Acres Deep

New song… This song began with me scribbling down the phrase ‘forty acres deep’¬†one day. On a map, forty acres are flat. But when you come from my rural roughneck background, “forty acres deep” connotes being in debt to the bank, being isolated, being in a position where you’ve committed to something so deeply you…View post