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We Are Always Children

Reading Roxane Gay’s “Bad Feminist,” I respect and resonate with this line from the acknowledgements: I’m hoping my parents don’t read this book, but they are beloved and have made all things possible. Each of my “adult” books include a similar thank you: First and foremost, to my parents—anything decent is because of them, anything else…View post

Song For My Daughters

I wrote this piece after listening to a Brandi Carlile* concert. Today as I pulled away from the curb after delivering my daughters to school, I thought of it again. I have two daughters. So including my wife, at my house it’s three-to-one girls against boys. A fellow I met recently on the road told me,…View post

Instant Show and Tell

This is what happens when you forget to close the garage door overnight and there is road salt residue on the floor: Actually, I kinda envy his way of dealing with trouble. Hide your face and act prickly. When I was little we had a similar situation. My dad tossed his cap on the porky’s…View post

The Old Green Chair

Sometime back in the 1990s I scuffed my knuckles getting it out of grandma’s basement. I remember clambering on it at Christmas when I was a tot. Now I share it with my daughter’s purple teddy bear. So much reading in that chair. So much writing. And some naps. It pops up in my writing…View post