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While back I did an interview and mentioned the American Aquarium song “Me + Mine (Lamentations)” which I listened to a bunch while working on the Forty Acres Deep novella.…View post

Inside the Sign

Utterly unanticipated summer highlight: Crawling inside the Boston Calling sign to help unbolt the sections so it’d fit in the truck until they bolt it back together for next year’s…View post

See You Out There

Loading the van for Oshkosh. Lakefly Writers Conference tomorrow morning, Long Beds concert tomorrow night. Grabbed the guitar case, got gut-punched by these stickers, placed there by tiny hands a…View post

Jeffrey Foucault Live

Twenty years of notes and emails and near-misses, finally got to see Jeffrey Foucault live last night. Was everything I hoped. Man’s music has fueled and informed so many of…View post