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Thank you to Lee Butterworth (photographer) and Evan Middlesworth (Pine Hollow Studios) for posting these photos of the Winter Sleeper show. Captures the feel of it perfectly I believe. Make sure to scroll through to the one of Billy Krause. How I love and admire that man. His hand is raised in benediction.* *OK, it…View post

Music at the Driftless

Most of the Driftless Region came out to hear author @sneezingcow read amazing stories from his books (seriously admired him for years) and @scareypics play from #boniver and @lesterlog what a great night at @driftlessbooks 🗝🖤 #Driftless #driftlessbooks #seancarey #michaelperry #community A post shared by Driftless Adventures (@driftlessadventures) on Oct 13, 2017 at 7:21pm PDT…View post

Fun with Album Art

Thanks to Long Beds bass player Chuck, who got me this vinyl beauty for a buck-fifty on the way to a show the other day. Just had a chance to study the cover art and check this out: Got your classic Kenworth logo. But zoom in to that chrome lettering: Then check the artist credits…View post