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Wrote this last week. Having no idea, of course. Perhaps you failed to guess, but I owe the bulk of my aesthetic construct to Prince Rogers Nelson, circa the movie Purple Rain, circa cassette. The film and album were released the summer after I graduated from high school. Come fall, when college was back in…View post

Music Not For Me

This Tweet by my friend* Andy: Reminded me of something I recently wrote about myself: Craft is craft, whether in the shaping of a song or the fitting of bathroom tile. The older I get the more deeply I believe “getting” things is far less important than experiencing them with a spirit of appreciation. In…View post

Decadent Cabaret 2016

Among the unreserved joys of my unexpected life path I cherish the chance to hang out with nurses, loggers, or firefighters one minute and weirdo artists the next. In nearly all cases, everybody’s — to paraphrase Sturgill Simpson — just tryin’ to git in where they fit in. I was honored to attend Decadent Cabaret 2016…View post