Michael Perry and the Long Beds Live on Video

Michael Perry and the Long Beds live on “30 Minute Music Hour,” including the newest song, “Underlined.”


  1. “Could Be You” (from Headwinded)
  2. “Golden in the Morning” (upcoming release)
  3. “Shaman Girl” (from Headwinded)
  4. “Underlined” (upcoming release)
  5. “After Waymore’s Blues” (from Tiny Pilot)


Michael Perry – songwriting, lead vocals, acoustic guitar

Evan Middlesworth – bandleader, vocals, piano, electric guitar

Mary Cutrufello – electric guitar, vocals

Billy Krause – acoustic guitar, banjo, vocals

Chuck Roll – bass guitar, vocals

*A heartfelt thank you to all the other Long Beds…you know who you are.

WHERE CAN I SEE THE LONG BEDS? Long Beds tour as much as Mike’s writing schedule allows, best bet is to sign up here and we’ll let you know when the band is passing through.

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