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Quiet Joy

“Joy” is a tricky word for me because I’m not a skippity-bippity jump-for-joy kinda guy. But I welcome quiet joy, and I felt that when someone shared the above photos with me. There are a lot of reasons to write. I am drawn and driven to do it. I also do it to keep the…View post

Marking It Up

This is me revising a manuscript. Toward the end, in the polishing stage. When it’s down to tweaking a word or a syllable, trying out different looks, sounds, rhythms, meanings. The only downside is I never feel like I’m done. Always want one more pass. Please subscribe to the SneezingCow YouTube channel and also sign…View post

John Prine and Randy’s Bathrobe

If you missed it, last night’s Tiny Tent Show (Episode 2) is viewable on YouTube. Right around 11:55 I share the story of the time I messed up a John Prine song in front of…John Prine. On a lighter note, Randy Sabien’s bathrobe alone is worth the price of admission.

Michael Perry and the Long Beds Live on Video

 Michael Perry and the Long Beds live on “30 Minute Music Hour,” including the newest song, “Underlined.” SET LIST “Could Be You” (from Headwinded) “Golden in the Morning” (upcoming release) “Shaman Girl” (from Headwinded) “Underlined” (upcoming release) “After Waymore’s Blues” (from Tiny Pilot) THE LONG BEDS* Michael Perry – songwriting, lead vocals, acoustic guitar Evan Middlesworth –…View post

Montaigne in Paperback Today

View this post on Instagram Bigger, more important things happening today (I'll be swinging by my local town hall), but there's also this. A post shared by Michael Perry (@sneezingcow) on Nov 6, 2018 at 7:06am PST WHOOPS FORGOT TO POST THIS YESTERDAY Bigger, more important things happening today (I’ll be swinging by my local…View post