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Surprise trip down memory lane while signing a (no longer available) copy of “Why They Killed Big Boy,” the third of my four self-published books. Printed it way back before I had a website, so later–one by one–I pasted “www.sneezingcow.com” labels on the title page. Whistlers & Jugglers Press was nothing but a post office box I rented in downtown Eau Claire. I took the name from a track on the Waylon Jennings album “I’ve Always Been Crazy.” That album flat-out changed my life. One line of “Whistlers and Jugglers” in particular inspired me to pursue writing. When I read the line now I realize the younger me tended to overdo it casting himself as a artfully lonesome cowboy in his own mind. But you gotta start somewhere. So glad I took those dumb chances.

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