Working Ahead

The next book is due out August 21. Now I’m in that odd space in which I’m working on the next-next and next-next-next books (one a Young Adult novel, the other, well, let’s wait) so that when I head out on book tour for the next book my head will actually be full of the next-next and next-next-next and it’ll be like having someone you saw every day for two years suddenly reappear after a six-month absence. By that time, much of the book will be a surprise to me again.

Here’s something from the Young Adult book I’m working on:

If you see me you will know me because I wear a leather vest sewn from the hides of one dead badger and two dead deer, all skinned by myself and also I stripped the lettering from that old car and stitched it to the vest across my shoulder blades using copper wire so that in polished steel you can read my name and know it: [TO BE REVEALED LATER]

There are also two other possible book thingies in the hopper. Grateful to be busy.

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