Real Proud

Made my annual pilgrimage to the New Auburn Area Fire Department banquet Saturday. Played a little bingo, visited with the Beagle (and his tattoo), many other dear friends and neighbors. Dang, I love the place.

Also got to see a guy I made many calls with in the past. In Truck, I mention him in the following passage:

Ryan fell through the ice on his way to go fishing last winter. He went all the way to the bottom and bounced back to the top without losing his fire pager. Now we call him the human fish finder.

Ryan’s real name is Rayne. I remember when he first started with the department. Like all young rookies, he got his share of ribbing, and plenty of it from me. But it is with utter solemnity that I report Ryan/Rayne moved up north and joined the Ashland Fire Department and is now being honored (along with three fellow members) for actions that have my deepest respect.  If you know anything about Lake Superior in winter, you will understand how grateful we are that everyone is back safely ashore.

Detailed story here.

More info and video here.

That’s the real deal there, Mister Edinger.

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