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TONIGHT Bratwurst and the Performing Arts

Show’s at 7:30, fire department starts serving brats at 5:30. THIS is how I like my fine arts. Big thank you to the Washington Island Fire Department and all their volunteers. I’ll open the show with a few of the greatest hits (beer tent, dead cow kicks farmer, guinea pig story) then do the new…View post

That Was Close

In what would have been a smoky irony I once nearly burned my house down with this bad boy while fighting a barn fire. Details in Chapter Six of “Truck: A Love Story.” Epic small-town fire department moment when the guy running tanker shuttles swings by your house, gains egress through your unlocked back door,…View post

Population: 485. Miles: Who Knows.

Thirteen years ago this book arrived at my house on Main Street in New Auburn. I took it on tour and haven’t stopped since. Still not stopping. But gonna retire this edition, park it within sight of my desk as a reminder of good fortune, good people, and the everlasting thicket of tangents. Special thanks…View post

Three Days on the Road–Fire and EMS

Looking forward to speaking with firefighter/EMT/paramedic/first responder groups the next three days in Weston, Marshfield, and Rhinelander. It has been my privilege to be involved in Fire/EMS for over 25 years now. Especially enjoy how we all show up with different backgrounds and occupations but can speak the same language (S.A.M.P.L.E., surround-n-drown, B.S.I., water hammer,…View post