Long Beds Concert Photos

I never forget that the books, the typing, the attention to words in my little room all alone is what keeps this ramshackle thing of mine afloat.  But barring Oprah or a blockbuster, my little family also survives through what your big-shot financial adviser types refer to as diversification.  In our case diversification includes t-shirt sales, speaking events, one-man shows, home canning, chickens, and my wife’s work as a translator and language instructor.

And, making music with the Long Beds.  Among the singular privileges of my life (is singular privileges an oxymoron?), I rank sharing the stage with musicians (defined as someone who knows more than just three chords and flubs his own lyrics) as a Top Ten for sure.  So when photographer Dick Ainsworth was kind enough to share an album of photographs from a show we did in Spring Green last year, I figured it would be a chance to say thanks to the Beds.  And I think you will agree, Mr. Ainsworth is good with that camera.

So.  Apropos of nothing more than gratitude to my band, here is the work of Dick Ainsworth:

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