Morning TV in Milwaukee

Here’s a link to The Morning Blend interview I did with Molly and Tiffany.  First TV stop of the Coop paperback tour.  The baby food reference at the end was related to the preceding piece in which there was discussion of Jennifer Aniston’s legs and “baby food diet”.  Good luck with that.

Also of interest to me, if no one else.  On shows like this, you have a brief amount of time to tell as much of the story as you can.  Plus, it’s early.  So I tend to go a mile-a-minute even though 30 minutes previous I was groggily bumping around a dark hotel room.   This leads to mental fuzz.  Note how I mention that the coop wasn’t finished before the first egg came; then note how I speak of my daughter going to the coop to find that first egg.  Now I’ve got to go back and check the book and see what part of that quote is accurate.  Sheesh.  Glad I wasn’t testifying before Congress.

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