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Banker With A Fancy N. A. (New Auburn?) Beer

 You know Mike is a teetotal, but apparently if yer on a podcast about beer and you don’t drink, they still invite ya back…this conversation went in some fresh and serious directions and Mike opined on a high-end N. A. beer. (Where we come from N.A. means New Auburn). You can listen to the non-intoxicated chat here or…View post

Recorded/Text Version of Radio Interview from Above the Garage

Thanks to Brad Kolberg of Wisconsin Public Radio for this interview. As always, it’s submitted with deference to so many individual circumstances. Mainly it’s a chance to thank so many of you out there doing the best you can in the toughest circumstances imaginable, and recognize so many going above and beyond. A transcript and…View post

PBS Wisconsin Article “No Place Like Home”

Always nervous about doing interviews like this in times like these lest I give the wrong impression. I don’t have any red-hot takes or answers, I’m not always smiling like that, but it’s a chance to acknowledge so many of you out there doing the best you can, and so many going above and beyond.…View post

The Secret to My Country Music Journalism Career

I remember we were on a family trip a year or so ago when we stopped in Iowa so I could do this interview. I don’t remember what all we talked about or if I said anything dumb or awful but I did talk about how I got my big break in country music journalism.…View post