Both Backwards

As you know I publicly track my authorial errors with an Oops! tag.  Therefore I enjoyed this entry on Terry Teachout’s blog, especially since a few sharp-eyed readers have noticed that the image on the hardcover of Truck: A Love Story is similarly reversed.  The Pops biography is terrific, by the way.  It was one of those books I parsed out so as not to devour it all at once.  Teachout is especially thought-provoking when addressing Armstrong’s lifelong navigation between artistic endeavor and the primary duty of entertaining the folks in the seats.  Armstrong took the second half of that equation very seriously, and I think Teachout has done him a fine posthumous service in suggesting that the two need not be mutually exclusive, and – perhaps even more to the point – those who would make it so are engaging in a bit of the ol’ hoity-toit.

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