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Library Thank You

Mom faithfully trucked us to and from the Chetek library. I met my wife in the Fall Creek library. And one day back in the late 1980s when I realized I wanted to be a writer but didn’t know where to begin, I went to the Library in Eau Claire and checked out my first…View post

Where It All Began

From Coop: In time I began to recognize letters and make attempts at small words, so Mom sent away to a Chicago newspaper for a phonics book. When it arrived, she started at the beginning and worked through page by page… Dug the remnants of that phonics book out of a box in the barn…View post

Big Fat Book

Photo from a reader, with accompanying note: In the summer afternoons, you might find me sitting on the boat reading.  It is usually one of your books.  Thank you. Now, this past summer I forgot where (I like to say “lost”) your “Man Working” book.  I found it on the boat after the “great rainstorm”…….Being…View post

Montaigne and Boswell

It is difficult to express the depth and nature of gratitude an author feels when a bookseller gives heart, soul, and overtime to support the author’s work. I politely request you study the photo above, then read this piece. Blessed be the booksellers.

Young Booksellers

One of the themes of my new Montaigne book is how we middle-agers and older might avoid becoming brittle and bitter and rather pitch in with the younger folks looking forward. So this quote from Shelf Awareness gave me hope: “Since I last wrote to you, I’ve had the good fortune of attending two fall…View post