Tonight Show for Authors

I don’t recall if I ever posted this.  Last spring during book tour in Seattle I was invited to sit down with Nancy Pearl, the librarian who has her own action figure.  If you are an author, going on Nancy Pearl’s show (“Book Lust”) is like having an audience with the Pope, being on the Tonight Show, and meeting Elvis – all rolled into one.  As of this typing, I haven’t seen the whole interview, but I did watch enough to come up with a question of my own: Did I even answer her first question?

Book Lust interview

It’s fun to joke, but long before I met Nancy Pearl, long before I sat down to do this interview, she made  couple of mentions of my books on National Public Radio, and those mentions had a very direct effect on the continued life of those books.  So I am grateful, and if you think I look like I’m sitting for this interview in the manner of an eager first grader on his best behavior as he recites his spelling words for Teacher, well, so it was.

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