Mike on TV

Footage of my morning TV interview at KATU in Portland, Oregon can now be viewed here.  Farmer friends, please note I keep trying to wedge in the fact that I am not a real farmer.  Added bonus: Enjoy watching the author scramble for ways to explain that he was bitten on the butt by a coonhound in terms that won’t get him hustled out the back door.

Mister Sleepy
Mister Sleepy

Did this on four hours sleep, nearly curled up on the overstuffed chair for a nap.  Been on the road 13 of the last 14 days, I note I am getting to where I need a haircut.  Will need to locate the proper high-tone salon.

They ran some clips while I was talking.  The complete chicken coop video is here, and the complete dryer episode is here.

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